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Yang, H. F. (author), Yang, S. L. (author), Xu, K. H. (author), Wu, H. (author), Shi, B. W. (author), Zhu, Q. (author), Zhang, W. X. (author), Yang, Z. (author)
Deltas are widely threatened by sediment starvation and climate change. Erosion potential is an important indicator of delta vulnerability. Here, we investigate the erosion potential of the Yangtze Delta. We found that over the past half century the Yangtze's sediment discharge has decreased by 80% due to the construction of >50,000 dams...
journal article 2017
Shi, B. (author)
The goal of the project is, through the digital design and workflow, reconstructing the vacant factory from the monofunctional hall to the multifuntional complex. So the main projective is studying the timber,timber structure and digital fabrication for applying this research result to reconstruct the factory. Besides, there are some other...
master thesis 2015
Khaliq, J. (author), Li, C. (author), Chen, K. (author), Shi, B. (author), Ye, H. (author), Grande, A.M. (author), Yan, H. (author), Reece, M.J. (author)
The effect of substitution and oxidation-reduction on the thermal conductivity of perovskite-like layered structure (PLS) ceramics was investigated in relation to mass contrast and non-stoichiometry. Sr (acceptor) was substituted on the A site, while Ta (donor) was substituted on the B site of La2Ti2O7. Substitution in PLS materials creates...
journal article 2015