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Wu, J. (author), Sigmund, Ole (author), Groen, Jeroen P. (author)
Multi-scale structures, as found in nature (e.g., bone and bamboo), hold the promise of achieving superior performance while being intrinsically lightweight, robust, and multi-functional. Recent years have seen a rapid development in topology optimization approaches for designing multi-scale structures, but the field actually dates back to...
review 2021
Groen, J.P. (author), Wu, J. (author), Sigmund, Ole (author)
This paper concerns compliance minimization and projection of coated structures with orthotropic infill material in 2D. The purpose of the work is two-fold. First, we introduce an efficient homogenization-based approach to perform topology optimization of coated structures with orthotropic infill material. The design space is relaxed to allow...
journal article 2019
Wu, J. (author), Clausen, Anders (author), Sigmund, Ole (author)
Additively manufactured parts are often composed of two sub-structures, a solid shell forming their exterior and a porous infill occupying the interior. To account for this feature this paper presents a novel method for generating simultaneously optimized shell and infill in the context of minimum compliance topology optimization. Our method...
journal article 2017