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Simidžioski, Magdalena (author)
To detect malicious activities in a network, intrusion detection systems are used. Even though these solutions are widely deployed for this purpose they have one serious shortcoming which is the huge amount of false alarms that they are generating. Different measures are taken to tackle this problem such as manually changing the settings of the...
master thesis 2020
van der Blij, Irene (author), Grabarz, Kasper (author), Kloppenburg, Mayke (author), Simidžioski, Magdalena (author)
During this project we were asked to explore the possibilities and limitations of creating a virtual therapist that can help people who suffer from a sleeping disorder. In order to answer this question, the goal of the project was to make such a therapist ourselves. <br/><br/>The first two weeks of the project were spent doing research. We...
bachelor thesis 2017