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Yan, P. (author), Cao, Y. (author), Sinova, J. (author)
We predict a thermodynamic magnon recoil effect for domain wall motions in the presence of temperature gradients. All current thermodynamic theories assert that a magnetic domain wall must move toward the hotter side, based on equilibrium thermodynamic arguments. Microscopic calculations, on the other hand, show that a domain wall can move...
journal article 2015
Kovalev, A.A. (author), Zârbo, L.P. (author), Tserkovnyak, Y. (author), Bauer, G.E.W. (author), Sinova, J. (author)
Torsional oscillations of a freestanding semiconductor beam are shown to cause spin-dependent oscillating potentials that spin polarize an applied charge current in the presence of intentional or disorder scattering potentials. We propose several realizations of mechanical spin generators and manipulators based on this piezospintronic effect.
journal article 2008