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Skrickij, Viktor (author), Kojis, Paulius (author), Šabanovič, Eldar (author), Shyrokau, B. (author), Ivanov, Valentin (author)
Integrated chassis control systems represent a significant advancement in the dynamics of ground vehicles, aimed at enhancing overall performance, comfort, handling, and stability. As vehicles transition from internal combustion to electric platforms, integrated chassis control systems have evolved to meet the demands of electrification and...
review 2024
Kat, C. (author), Skrickij, Viktor (author), Shyrokau, B. (author), Kojis, Paulius (author), Dhaens, Miguel (author), Mantovani, Sara (author), Gherardini, Francesco (author), Strano, Salvatore (author), Terzo, Mario (author), Fujimoto, Hiroshi (author), Sorniotti, Aldo (author), Camocardi, Pablo (author), Victorino, Alessandro Corrêa (author), Ivanov, Valentin (author)
This article introduces a methodology for conducting comparative evaluations of vibration-induced discomfort. The aim is to outline a procedure specifically focused on assessing and comparing the discomfort caused by vibrations. The article emphasizes the metrics that can effectively quantify vibration-induced discomfort and provides insights...
journal article 2024
Šabanovič, Eldar (author), Kojis, Paulius (author), Šukevičius, Šarūnas (author), Shyrokau, B. (author), Ivanov, Valentin (author), Dhaens, Miguel (author), Skrickij, Viktor (author)
With the automotive industry moving towards automated driving, sensing is increasingly important in enabling technology. The virtual sensors allow data fusion from various vehicle sensors and provide a prediction for measurement that is hard or too expensive to measure in another way or in the case of demand on continuous detection. In this...
journal article 2021