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Ravenshorst, G.J.P. (author), Gijzen, Richard (author), Willebrands, Okke (author), Slooten, Elgar (author), van de Kuilen, J.W.G. (author)
Tall timber buildings are of growing interest worldwide and also in the Netherlands. With the introduction of CLT, higher timber buildings are possible compared to traditional timber frame housing. Tall timber buildings can be made as modular buildings or as buildings with a CLT or concrete core and a timber wall/column-floor system that can...
conference paper 2021
Slooten, Elgar (author)
The demand for sustainable high-rise buildings is growing. Such sustainable high-rise could be realized by the use of mass timber for the structural design instead of more conventional building materials such as steel and concrete. Timber is a renewable resource which can be CO<sub>2</sub> neutral if reforestation takes place to close its carbon...
master thesis 2018