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Van den Eeckhout, K. (author), Bos, A.J.J. (author), Poelman, D. (author), Smet, P.F. (author)
Persistent luminescence or afterglow is caused by a gradual release of charge carriers from trapping centers. The energy needed to release these charge carriers is determined by the trap depths. Knowledge of these trap depths is therefore crucial in the understanding of the persistent luminescence mechanism. Unfortunately, the trap depths in...
journal article 2013
Botterman, J. (author), Van den Eeckhout, K. (author), Bos, A.J.J. (author), Dorenbos, P. (author), Smet, P.F. (author)
In this work we study the persistent luminescence properties of europium-doped alkaline earth silicon oxynitrides (CaSi2O2N2, SrSi2O2N2 and BaSi2O2N2). All compounds show afterglow emission, with an emission spectrum which is similar to the steady state photoluminescence. The afterglow decay time for BaSi2O2N2:Eu and SrSi2O2N2:Eu is about 50 and...
journal article 2012
Rogers, E. (author), Smet, P.F. (author), Dorenbos, P. (author), Poelman, D. (author), Van der Kolk, E. (author)
High quality phase pure samarium monosulfide (SmS) thin films were prepared by electron beam evaporation using a samarium metal source in a H2S atmosphere. The optical properties (reflection, transmission, absorption) of the films in the semiconducting and metallic phase were analysed from the UV to the mid-IR and explained in terms of the...
journal article 2009