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Joosten, L.J.M. (author), Smilde, H. (author), Sijmonsma, R.M.M. (author), Visser, F.B. (author), Reesink, W.E. (author), van Tijn, R. (author)
This study -under contract with ESA/ESTEC- concerns the feasibility of upgrading commercially optical mass storage equipment. It addresses the environmental conditions expected in Columbus, and the verification procedures (Part II). From the optical storage devices Philips is involved in, the CD-ROM-CM200 serie is selected as a promising space...
report 1987
Bosgra, J.A. (author), Mooy, A.J. (author), Smilde, H. (author)
In this report the phenomenon of cross-coupling drift (both S-IA and S-OA) due to vehicular angular movements is investigated. In a hardware test set-up, using an experimental Single Axis Platform composed of surplus parts from the former Eldo-A program, the theoretical result as well as a proposed method of compensation is verified.
report 1976