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Liu, K. (author), Ma, M. (author), Wu, Longfei (author), Valenti, M. (author), Cardenas-Morcoso, Drialys (author), Hofmann, Jan P. (author), Bisquert, Juan (author), Gimenez, Sixto (author), Smith, W.A. (author)
was investigated. The uniform planar morphology served as a platform to evaluate the electronic effect isolated from morphological effects while minimizing...
journal article 2019
Perez Rodriguez, P. (author), Cardenas-Morcoso, Drialys (author), Digdaya, I.A. (author), Mangel Raventos, A. (author), Procel Moya, P.A. (author), Isabella, O. (author), Gimenez, Sixto (author), Zeman, M. (author), Smith, W.A. (author), Smets, A.H.M. (author)
Amorphous silicon carbide (a-SiC:H) is a promising material for photoelectrochemical water splitting owing to its relatively small band-gap energy and high chemical and optoelectrical stability. This work studies the interplay between charge-carrier separation and collection, and their injection into the electrolyte, when modifying the...
journal article 2018
Trzesniewski, B.J. (author), Digdaya, I.A. (author), Nagaki, T. (author), Ravishankar, Sandheep (author), Herraiz-Cardona, Isaac (author), Vermaas, D.A. (author), Longo, Alessandro (author), Gimenez, Sixto (author), Smith, W.A. (author)
photoanodes immersed in an electrolyte in an open circuit configuration and exposed to simulated solar illumination for prolonged time achieve superior photoelectrochemical (PEC) activity. This...
journal article 2017