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Firet, N.J. (author), Blommaert, M.A. (author), Burdyny, T.E. (author), Venugopal, A. (author), Bohra, D. (author), Longo, Alessandro (author), Smith, W.A. (author)
reduction catalysts. Modified silver...
journal article 2019
Trzesniewski, B.J. (author), Digdaya, I.A. (author), Nagaki, T. (author), Ravishankar, Sandheep (author), Herraiz-Cardona, Isaac (author), Vermaas, D.A. (author), Longo, Alessandro (author), Gimenez, Sixto (author), Smith, W.A. (author)
photoanodes immersed in an electrolyte in an open circuit configuration and exposed to simulated solar illumination for prolonged time achieve superior photoelectrochemical (PEC) activity. This...
journal article 2017