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Digdaya, I.A. (author), Trzesniewski, B.J. (author), Adhyaksa, Gede W.P. (author), Garnett, E.C. (author), Smith, W.A. (author)
Metal-insulator-semiconductor (MIS) photoelectrodes offer a simple alternative to the traditional semiconductor-liquid junction and the conventional p-n junction electrode. Highly efficient MIS photoanodes require interfacial surface passivating oxides and high workfunction metals to produce a high photovoltage. Herein, we investigate and...
journal article 2018
Digdaya, I.A. (author), Adhyaksa, Gede W.P. (author), Trzesniewski, B.J. (author), Garnett, Erik C. (author), Smith, W.A. (author)
Solar-assisted water splitting can potentially provide an efficient route for large-scale renewable energy conversion and storage. It is essential for such a system to provide a sufficiently high photocurrent and photovoltage to drive the water oxidation reaction. Here we demonstrate a photoanode that is capable of achieving a high...
journal article 2017