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Keyzer, L.M. (author), Herman, P.M.J. (author), Smits, B.P. (author), Pietrzak, J.D. (author), James, R.K. (author), Candy, A.S. (author), Riva, R.E.M. (author), Bouma, T.J. (author), van der Boog, C.G. (author), Katsman, C.A. (author), Slobbe, D.C. (author), Zijlema, M. (author), van Westen, R.M. (author), Dijkstra, H.A. (author)
Shallow tropical bays in the Caribbean, like Orient Bay and Galion Bay in Saint Martin, are often sheltered by coral reefs. In the relatively calm environment behind the reefs, seagrass meadows grow. Together, these ecosystems provide valuable ecosystem services like coastal protection, biodiversity hotspots, nursery grounds for animals and...
journal article 2020
Smits, B.P. (author)
Due to the removal of mangrove forests, the coastal zone of Demak district has suffered from severe erosion. One of the proposed solutions to restore the sediment balance and encourage mangrove re-establishment, is the construction of semi-permeable dams. This study aims to optimise the design of such structures. A 2DH site-specific model was...
master thesis 2016
La Gasse, L.C. (author), Van Rooij, M.I.S. (author), Smits, B.P. (author), Ton, A.M. (author), Velhorst, R.L.C. (author)
This report presents a study of the Malecón Tradicional in front of ‘Centro de Havana’ and ‘Havana Vieja’ in the city Havana, Cuba. The objective is to develop a sea defence solution that prevents unacceptable flooding of the hinterland and damage of the Malecón seawall. Implementing the recommended solutions reduces the overtopping sufficiently...
student report 2015