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Smits, Misiu (author)
Historical developments and innovations in the field of civil engineering contributed to the state-of-the- art structures that shape our transportation infrastructure network nowadays. By way of contrast, solving the mobility issues of the past, created a challenge in terms of conservation today as many assets are reaching the end of their...
master thesis 2020
de Jong, Sander (author), Knoester, Ferdi (author), Alferink, Christian (author), Quast, Arnout (author), Smits, Misiu (author)
The beach adjacent to the Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue and Education Centre is one of the many beaches worldwide suffering from coastline recession. This loss of coast has a negative impact on the environment, local society and ecology. In general, shoreline retreat is caused by sea level rise (SLR) and erosion. The main objective of this research...
student report 2019