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Smitskamp, Gwennan (author), Viola, Irene (author), Cesar, Pablo (author)
The development and widespread adoption of immersive XR applications has led to a renewed interest in representations that are capable of reproducing real-world objects and scenes with high fidelity. Among such representations, point clouds have attracted the interest of industry and academia alike, and new compression solutions have been...
conference paper 2023
Edixhoven, Tom (author), Qiu, S. (author), Kuiper, Lucie (author), Dikken, Olivier (author), Smitskamp, Gwennan (author), Gadiraju, Ujwal (author)
In popular crowdsourcing marketplaces like Amazon Mechanical Turk, crowd workers complete tasks posted by requesters in return for monetary rewards. Task requesters are solely responsible for deciding whether to accept or reject submitted work. Rejecting work can directly affect the monetary reward of corresponding workers, and indirectly...
conference paper 2021
Abderrazik, Hiba (author), Angela, Giovan (author), Brouwer, Hans (author), Janse, Henky (author), Lutz, Sterre (author), Smitskamp, Gwennan (author), Manolios, S. (author), Liem, C.C.S. (author)
Music is often both personally and affectively meaningful to human listeners. However, little work has been done to create music recommender systems that take this into account. In this demo proposal, we present Spotivibes: a first prototype for a new color-based tagging and music recommender system. This innovative tagging system is designed...
conference paper 2019