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Sobhan, Rubayat (author)
In the last decade, several process modifications took place in the Loenderveen (LDV)- Weesperkarspel (WPK) Water Treatment Plant (WTP) of Waternet. There are four process modifications initiated over time: first, a shift from garnet sand to calcite pellets as seeding materials for pellet softening process. Second, the elimination of acid dosing...
master thesis 2019
Benito Lazaro, Irene (author), van Oorschot, Fransje (author), Sobhan, Rubayat (author), Veenings, Bart (author), Wegman, Tiemen (author)
In Bangladesh, groundwater from shallow aquifers is used for communal drinking water supply on a large scale. This water is often polluted by naturally occurring arsenic, causing the largest scale poisoning through drinking water in the world (D. v. Halem, S. Bakker, G. Amy, & J. Van Dijk, 2009). In this report, a highly arsenic affected...
student report 2018