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Lago, Jesus (author), Suryanarayana, Gowri (author), Sogancioglu, Ecem (author), De Schutter, B.H.K. (author)
Seasonal thermal energy storage systems (STESSs) can shift the delivery of renewable energy sources and mitigate their uncertainty problems. However, to maximize the operational profit of STESSs and ensure their long-term profitability, control strategies that allow them to trade on wholesale electricity markets are required. While control...
journal article 2021
Lago, Jesus (author), Sogancioglu, Ecem (author), Suryanarayana, Gowri (author), Ridder, Fjo De (author), De Schutter, B.H.K. (author)
Due to the increasing integration of renewable sources in the electrical grid, electricity generation is expected to become more uncertain. In this context, seasonal thermal energy storage systems (STESSs) are key to shift the delivery of renewable energy sources and tackle their uncertainty problems. In this paper, we propose an optimal...
journal article 2019