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Schipper, H.R. (author), Eigenraam, P. (author), Grünewald, S. (author), Soru, M. (author), Nap, P. (author), Van Overveld, B. (author), Vermeulen, J. (author)
The production of architectural elements with complex geometry is challenging for concrete manufacturers. Computer-numerically-controlled (CNC) milled foam moulds have been applied frequently in the last decades, resulting in good aesthetical performance. However, still the costs are high and a large volume of waste is produced. This paper...
conference paper 2015
Soru, M. (author)
Conventional buildings and structures are not designed usually for adapting to contextual aspects and needs: an instant adaptation of building systems by different configurations can result in an instant adaptation to these needs. The research is here applied for the design of an adaptive acoustic ceiling for a multi-purpose theatre. High real...
master thesis 2014