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Ritzen, L. (author), Sprecher, B. (author), Bakker, C.A. (author), Balkenende, A.R. (author)
Bio-based plastics are attracting increasing attention due to their perceived sustainability and circularity. While enabling circularity by using renewable feedstocks, they still contribute to plastic pollution. Furthermore, their rapidly growing market will cause bio-based plastics to constitute significant fractions of plastic waste,...
review 2023
van Nielen, Sander S. (author), Sprecher, B. (author), Verhagen, Teun J. (author), Kleijn, René (author)
The world is facing a growing neodymium demand, creating the need for developing a recycling system to handle future waste flows. Recycling technologies are emerging, but the recycling system around them can only be established with knowledge about available end-of-life (EoL) products. Therefore, this study quantified neodymium waste in European...
journal article 2023
Sprecher, B. (author), Verhagen, T. (author), Sauer, Marijn Louise (author), Baars, Michel (author), Heintz, John L. (author), Fishman, Tomer (author)
Re-use and recycling in the construction sector is essential to keep resource use in check. Data availability about the material contents of buildings is significant challenge for planning future re-use potentials. Compiling material intensity (MI) data is time and resource intensive. Often studies end up with only a handful of datapoints. In...
journal article 2021