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Máhr, T. (author), Srour, F.J. (author), De Weerdt, M. (author)
In most real-world settings, a transportation plan requires modifications during execution. A thorough evaluation of transportation planning methods thus requires testing and comparison in a dynamic environment. We give conditions on a simulation environment that follow from this requirement, and propose a multi-agent simulator meeting these...
conference paper 2011
Srour, F.J. (author), Máhr, T. (author), De Weerdt, M.M. (author), Zuidwijk, R.A. (author)
This paper describes five sets of 33 Mixed Integer Problem instances each, for a total of 165 instances, derived from a real-world full-truckload pick-up and delivery problem with time windows at the Port of Rotterdam. These instances represent 33 individual days of data encompassing 65 jobs and 40 trucks. We report, in this paper, on the...
report 2010
Máhr, T. (author), De Weerdt, M.M. (author), Srour, F.J. (author), Zuidwijk, R. (author)
Decision support within transport companies should not only use traditional objective functions, but also reason about qualitative effects on all involved actors. We propose a fuzzy logic rule base that can be used in addition to traditional operation research tools to calculate not just optimal solutions, but solutions that are optimal with...
conference paper 2006