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Li, C. (author), Li, Q. (author), Van Mieghem, P.F.A. (author), Stanley, H.E. (author), Wang, H. (author)
In recent decades, a number of centrality metrics describing network properties of nodes have been proposed to rank the importance of nodes. In order to understand the correlations between centrality metrics and to approximate a high-complexity centrality metric by a strongly correlated low-complexity metric, we first study the correlation...
journal article 2015
Wang, H. (author), Li, Q. (author), D'Agostino, G. (author), Havlin, S. (author), Stanley, H.E. (author), Van Mieghem, P. (author)
Most real-world networks are not isolated. In order to function fully, they are interconnected with other networks, and this interconnection influences their dynamic processes. For example, when the spread of a disease involves two species, the dynamics of the spread within each species (the contact network) differs from that of the spread...
journal article 2013