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Parnell, S.R. (author), van Well, A.A. (author), Plomp, J. (author), Dalgliesh, R. M. (author), Steinke, N. J. (author), Cooper, J. F.K. (author), Geerits, N. (author), Steffen, K. E. (author), Snow, W. M. (author)
Various theories beyond the Standard Model predict new particles with masses in the sub-eV range with very weak couplings to ordinary matter which can possess spin-dependent couplings to electrons and nucleons. We report null results of a search for possible exotic spin-dependent couplings of the neutron which could be induced by the exchange...
journal article 2020
Parnell, S.R. (author), Dalgliesh, R. M. (author), Steinke, N. J. (author), Plomp, J. (author), van Well, A.A. (author)
RF coils have been routinely used for Larmor labelling on the Offspec instrument at ISIS. These coils encode directional information via the neutron polarization using a series of parallelogram-shaped pole shoes which can be tuned to different angles with an RF gradient flipper in the centre of each magnet. We report on measurements of the...
journal article 2018