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Hoogeboom, P. (author), Stoffelen, Ad (author), Lopez Dekker, F.J. (author)
Satellite wind scatterometers like the MetOp SG (Second Generation) SCA of Eumetsat are not designed to measure ocean currents, yet if they could, it would improve the wind vector product and provide important additional information to the oceanographic community for various applications. Previous publications showed this possibility, but only...
conference paper 2018
Fois, F. (author), Hoogeboom, P. (author), le Chevalier, F. (author), Stoffelen, Ad (author), Mouche, A. (author)
A radar scatterometer operates by transmitting a pulse of microwave energy toward the ocean’s surface and measuring the normalized (per-unit-surface) radar backscatter coefficient (r8). The primary application of scatterometry is the measurement of near-surface ocean winds. By combining r 8 measurements from different azimuth angles, the 10 m...
journal article 2015