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Stoian, Dragos (author), Sugiyama, Toshiyuki (author), Bansode, Atul (author), Medina, Francisco (author), van Beek, Wouter (author), Hasegawa, Jun-ya (author), Nakayama, Akira (author), Urakawa, A. (author)
Surface intermediate species and oxygen vacancy-assisted mechanism over CeO2 catalyst in the direct dimethyl carbonate (DMC) synthesis from carbon dioxide and methanol are suggested by means of transient spectroscopic methodologies in conjunction with multivariate spectral analysis. How the two reactants, i.e. CO2 and methanol, interact with the...
journal article 2023
Corral-Pérez, Juan José (author), Billings, Amelia (author), Stoian, Dragos (author), Urakawa, A. (author)
Continuous synthesis of formic acid and methyl formate via CO<sub>2</sub> hydrogenation is demonstrated using a molecular iridium complex stably immobilized on a solid covalent triazine framework (CTF) under high-pressure conditions. Compared to formic acid synthesis, methyl formate synthesis is advantageous to enhance the selectivity and...
journal article 2019