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Vuik, V. (author), Suh Heo, H.Y. (author), Zhu, Zhenchang (author), Borsje, Bas W. (author), Jonkman, Sebastiaan N. (author)
One of the services provided by coastal ecosystems is wave attenuation by vegetation, and subsequent reduction of wave loads on flood defense structures. Therefore, stability of vegetation under wave forcing is an important factor to consider. This paper presents a model which determines the wave load that plant stems can withstand before...
journal article 2018
Suh Heo, H.Y. (author)
Various flood protection measures are studied across the globe, and nature-friendly and environmentally resilient methods are gaining more attention. As part of the building with nature initiative, the project BE SAFE (Bio-Engineering for SAFEty) studies the effects of a vegetated foreshore as a flood protection measure which is found to be very...
master thesis 2016