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Sui, Xinxin (author), van de Ven, F.H.M. (author)
Low Impact Development (LID) was promoted as an alternative to conventional urban drainage methods. The effects of LID at the site or urban scales have been widely evaluated. This project aims to investigate the impact of LID implementation on basin runoff at a regional scale in a half-urbanized catchment, particularly the overlap of urban...
journal article 2023
Sui, Xinxin (author)
With rapid urbanization, Low Impact Development (LID) is promoted as an alternative to Conventional Drainage (CD), seeking a natural solution for current urban water problems. The positive effects of LID were the main theme of recent LID researches, but this project aims to deeply explore the hidden troubles about the extreme peak runoffs...
master thesis 2019
Ulkü, Mesut (author), Sui, Xinxin (author), van der Lans, Michael (author), Dillon Peynado, Thomas (author), Zheng, Jiechen (author), Fong, Camille (author)
The report starts in Chapter 1 with an introduction to the Sponge City Programme (SCP) in China and the project area which is the ErQi International Business District in Wuhan. In this chapter, the problem statement, our collaboration with Arcadis and our project goals are also introduced. Chapter 2 delves into our methodology to tackle the...
student report 2018