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Maljaars, J.M. (author), Labeur, R.J. (author), Trask, Nathaniel A. (author), Sulsky, Deborah L. (author)
A particle-mesh strategy is presented for scalar transport problems which provides diffusion-free advection, conserves mass locally (i.e. cellwise) and exhibits optimal convergence on arbitrary polyhedral meshes. This is achieved by expressing the convective field naturally located on the Lagrangian particles as a mesh quantity by formulating a...
conference paper 2020
Maljaars, J.M. (author), Labeur, R.J. (author), Trask, Nathaniel (author), Sulsky, Deborah (author)
By combining concepts from particle-in-cell (PIC) and hybridized discontinuous Galerkin (HDG) methods, we present a particle–mesh scheme for flow and transport problems which allows for diffusion-free advection while satisfying mass and momentum conservation – locally and globally – and extending to high-order spatial accuracy. This is achieved...
journal article 2019