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Tang, Rui (author), Riemens, E.H.J. (author), Rajan, R.T. (author)
Multi-agent networks are known for their scalability, robustness, flexibility, and are typically tasked with a variety of tasks such as target tracking, surveillance, traffic control, and environmental monitoring. Distributed Particle Filters (DPF) are often employed when the for non-linear parameter estimation with non-Gaussian noise. In this...
conference paper 2023
Tang, Rui (author)
The recent advances in wireless communication, micro-fabrication, and integration have led to the rise of multi-agent networks such as wireless sensor networks, drone swarms, and satellite arrays. These multi-agent networks comprise multiple agents, which cooperate to solve a problem collectively, beyond the individual knowledge of a single...
master thesis 2022
Yu, Ran (author), Tang, Rui (author), Rokicki, Markus (author), Gadiraju, Ujwal (author), Dietze, Stefan (author)
Web search is among the most frequent online activities. In this context, widespread informational queries entail user intentions to obtain knowledge with respect to a particular topic or domain. To serve learning needs better, recent research in the field of interactive information retrieval has advocated the importance of moving beyond...
journal article 2021