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Bi, Jichao (author), Yang, L. (author), Yang, Xiaofan (author), Wu, Yingbo (author), Tang, Yuan Yan (author)
This article addresses the tradeoff between the losses caused by a new virus and the size of the team for developing an antivirus against the virus. First, an individual-level virus spreading model is proposed to capture the spreading process of the virus before the appearance of its natural enemy. On this basis, the tradeoff problem is...
journal article 2018
Yang, L. (author), Li, Pengdeng (author), Yang, Xiaofan (author), Tang, Yuan Yan (author)
Advanced persistent threats (APTs) pose a grave threat to cyberspace, because they deactivate all the conventional cyber defense mechanisms. This paper addresses the issue of evaluating the security of the cyber networks under APTs. For this purpose, a dynamic model capturing the APT-based cyber-attack-defense processes is proposed....
journal article 2017
Yang, Xiaofan (author), Zhu, Yuanrui (author), Hong, Jing (author), Yang, L. (author), Wu, Yingbo (author), Tang, Yuan Yan (author)
There are quite a number of different metrics of network robustness. This paper addresses the rationality of four metrics of network robustness (the algebraic connectivity, the effective resistance, the average edge betweenness, and the efficiency) by investigating the robust growth of generalized meshes (GMs). First, a heuristic growth...
journal article 2016