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Tapia, R.J. (author), Kourounioti, I. (author), Thoen, Sebastian (author), de Bok, M.A. (author), Tavasszy, Lorant (author)
Crowdshipping (CS) is an emerging form of freight transport that is expected to reduce the externalities of urban freight transport. The supply of CS services originates from people with an intention to travel, who can choose to engage in a parcel delivery service as incidental carrier. The popular expectation is that this consolidation of...
journal article 2023
Belfadel, Abdelhadi (author), Horl, Sebastian (author), Tapia, R.J. (author), Puchinger, Jakob (author)
The use of real-time data in logistics is an important topic. Every day, logistics produces a large quantity of data, which is mainly produced by monitoring and controlling the enormous flow of goods. The last-mile delivery market is expanding at a rapid pace through large- and small-scale consumer platforms, but the economic drivers to create...
conference paper 2021
Tapia, R.J. (author), de Jong, Gerard (author), Larranaga, Ana M. (author), Bettella Cybis, Helena B. (author)
There are some examples where freight choices may be of a multiple discrete nature, especially the ones at more tactical levels of planning. Nevertheless, this has not been investigated in the literature, although several discrete-continuous models for mode/vehicle type and shipment size choice have been developed in freight transport. In...
journal article 2021