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Hu, Yong (author), Baggio, Mariangela (author), Dabironezare, Shahab Oddin (author), Tamminen, Aleksi (author), Toy, Brandon (author), Ala-laurinaho, Juha (author), Brown, Elliot (author), Llombart, Nuria (author), Deng, Sophie X. (author), Wallace, Vincent (author), Taylor, Zachary D. (author)
A system concept for online alignment verification of millimeter-wave, corneal reflectometry is presented. The system utilizes beam scanning to generate magnitude-only reflectivity maps of the cornea at 650 GHz and compares these images to a precomputed/measured template map to confirm/reject sufficient alignment. A system utilizing five off...
journal article 2022
Rezapoor, Pouyan (author), Tamminen, Aleksi (author), Tamminen, Aleksi (author), Ala-Laurinaho, Juha (author), Llombart, Nuria (author), Rodilla, Helena (author), Stake, Jan (author), Taylor, Zachary D. (author)
The optical behavior of a terahertz imaging system employing a train of four identical off-axis parabolic mirrors with oblique incidence angle illumination is investigated in this work. The aperture filling and aberrations of a single off-axis parabolic mirror when illuminated by a Gaussian terahertz beam at its focus point is measured and...
conference paper 2022
Sung, Shijun (author), Dabironezare, Shahab Oddin (author), Llombart, Nuria (author), Selvin, Skyler (author), Bajwa, Neha (author), Chantra, Somporn (author), Nowroozi, Bryan (author), Garritano, James (author), Goell, Jacob (author), Li, Alex (author), Deng, S.X. (author), Brown, Elliott (author), Grundfest, Warren S. (author), Taylor, Zachary D. (author)
Reflection-mode terahertz (THz) imaging of corneal tissue water content (CTWC) is a proposed method for early accurate detection and study of corneal diseases. Despite promising results from ex vivo and in vivo cornea studies, interpretation of the reflectivity data is confounded by the contact between corneal tissue and dielectric windows used...
journal article 2018