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Bienen, Britta (author), Klinkvort, R.T. (author), Fan, S. (author), Black, J. (author), Bayton, S. (author), Thorel, L. (author), Madabhushi, G.S.P. (author), Askarinejad, A. (author), Li, Q. (author)
The large diameter monopile is a commonly used foundation concept for offshore wind turbines. The advantages of geometrical simplicity and reliable performance make it often the most attractive solution. Despite the concept’s high popularity, optimisation of the current design models can still be made. To address fundamental understanding of...
conference paper 2020
Blanc, M. (author), Rault, G. (author), Thorel, L. (author), Almeida, M.S.S. (author), Almeida, M.C.F. (author)
Reinforcing compressible soils by rigid inclusions is a method to reduce and homogenize settlements under many types of structures. A granular mattress, located between the structure and the group of piles, transfers part of the loads on the surface to the head of the piles anchored in rigid substrate. An experimental device, a mobile tray, has...
conference paper 2012