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Dong, Xichao (author), Hu, Jiaqi (author), Hu, Cheng (author), Long, Teng (author), Li, Y. (author), Tian, Ye (author)
Geosynchronous orbit synthetic aperture radar (GEO SAR) has a long integration time and a large imaging scene. Therefore, various nonideal factors are easily accumulated, introducing phase errors and degrading the imaging quality. Within the long integration time, tropospheric status changes with time and space, which will result in image shifts...
journal article 2019
Tian, Ye (author)
Downstream of hydraulic structures, the flow is normally of turbulence. This will cause considerable erosions on the gravel bed. To prevent this, block mattress is preferable in many cases. Its effective stabilization and feasibility on construction make it commonly used against scouring problems, protecting underwater pipelines and cables. The...
master thesis 2017
Tian, Ye (author), Kinnas, Spyros A. (author)
journal article 2012