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De Lange, G. (author), Riste, D. (author), Tiggelman, M.J. (author), Eichler, C. (author), Tornberg, L. (author), Johansson, G. (author), Wallraff, A. (author), Schouten, R.N. (author), DiCarlo, L. (author)
We demonstrate the active suppression of transmon qubit dephasing induced by dispersive measurement, using parametric amplification and analog feedback. By real-time processing of the homodyne record, the feedback controller reverts the stochastic quantum phase kick imparted by the measurement on the qubit. The feedback operation matches a model...
journal article 2014
Riste, D. (author), Bultink, C.C. (author), Tiggelman, M.J. (author), Schouten, R.N. (author), Lehnert, K.W. (author), DiCarlo, L. (author)
The tunnelling of quasiparticles across Josephson junctions in superconducting quantum circuits is an intrinsic decoherence mechanism for qubit degrees of freedom. Understanding the limits imposed by quasiparticle tunnelling on qubit relaxation and dephasing is of theoretical and experimental interest, particularly as improved understanding of...
journal article 2013