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Alpern, S. (author), Fokkink, R. (author), Gal, S. (author), Timmer, M. (author)
We present a stochastic game that models ambush/search in a finite region Q which has area but no other structure. The searcher can search a unit area of Q in unit time or adopt an "ambush" mode for a certain period. The searcher "captures" the hider when the searched region contains the hider's location or if the hider moves while the searcher...
journal article 2013
Timmer, M. (author)
Rendezvous problems and search games (with two players) are related problems. In a rendezvous problem the players like to meet as soon as possible, while in a search game one of them tries to avoid the meeting as long as possible. So in a rendezvous problem the players have a common interest and in a search game the players have conflicting...
master thesis 2008
Van Benschop, M. (author), Groen, D. (author), Timmer, M. (author)
Document uit de collectie Chemische Procestechnologie
report 1985