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Timmermans, T.T.M. (author)
In a modern environment users are more dependant on their ability to use their mobile phone for nearly everything. They communicate with almost any device and those devices provide nearly limitless access to for instance a watch or in new applications, a lock. Issues encountered with these devices are the almost always lack the ability to keep...
master thesis 2014
Prins, R. (author), Van Beek, J. (author), Timmermans, T.T.M. (author)
We, three students from the TU Delft, have created a new Secure Access Control System, named Glados. The goal of this system is to limit the access to a building, and separate 'zones' in that building, to authorized persons only. In 10 weeks, we created a prototype that can read an authentication token, and react with the permission from a...
bachelor thesis 2012