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Psyllidis, A. (author), Bozzon, A. (author), Bocconi, S. (author), Titos Bolivar, C. (author)
Understanding the complexity of urban dynamics requires the combination of information from multiple city data sources. Besides traditional urban data, geo-localized social media provide human-generated content, which may reflect in (near) real time the activities people undertake in cities. The challenge is to devise methods and tools that...
conference paper 2015
Titos Bolivar, C. (author)
Over the last few years, social media have become part of the daily life of many people, leading scientists to study their users and the data they produce in numerous contexts. For instance, geo-enabled social media provide us with the means to study the dynamics and features of large geographical areas. In this thesis, our goal is to leverage...
master thesis 2014
Titos Bolivar, C. (author), Van den Bogert, H. (author), Vollering, A. (author)
The report concluding 2 months of work at CHAINels for the Bachelorproject. The project consisted of making a visualization of a business network, and design a new chain (friend) recommendation algorithm.
bachelor thesis 2012