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Li, Jiaguang (author), van der Vegt, Helena (author), Storms, J.E.A. (author), Tooth, Stephen (author)
Crevasse splays generate subtle local relief and contribute to fluvial basin sedimentary filling but controls on splay development along dryland rivers remain poorly understood owing to limited field, laboratory, and numerical modelling studies. Based on previously-acquired field data and new remote sensing observations of splay morphology...
journal article 2023
Li, Jiaguang (author), Yang, Xiucheng (author), Maffei, C. (author), Tooth, Stephen (author), Yao, Guangqing (author)
In some internally-draining dryland basins, ephemeral river systems terminate at the margins of playas. Extreme floods can exert significant geomorphological impacts on the lower reaches of these river systems and the playas, including causing changes to flood extent, channel-floodplain morphology, and sediment dispersal. However, the...
journal article 2018