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Schrijvershof, R. A. (author), van Maren, D.S. (author), Torfs, P. J. J. F. (author), Hoitink, A. J. F. (author)
Existing tidal input reduction approaches applied in accelerated morphodynamic simulations aim to capture the dominant tidal forces in a single or double representative tidal cycle, often referred to as a “morphological tide.” These strongly simplified tidal signals fail to represent the tidal extremes and hence poorly allow to represent...
journal article 2023
Kästner, K. (author), Hoitink, A.J.F. (author), Torfs, P. J. J. F. (author), Deleersnijder, E.L.C. (author), Ningsih, N.S. (author)
Conceptually, tidal rivers are seen as narrow channels along which the cross-section geometry remains constant and the bed is horizontal. As tidal waves propagate along such a channel, they decrease exponentially in height. The more rapid the decrease, the stronger the river flow. Near the coast, the tidally averaged width and depth change...
journal article 2019
Boersema, M. (author), Vermeulen, B. (author), Torfs, P. (author), Hoitink, T. (author), Roelofs, G. (author), Van den Houten, G. (author)
Her en der worden in Nederland in beken en kleine rivieren vispasseerbare kunstwerken aangelegd om vismigratie mogelijk te maken en de ecologie van het systeem te verbeteren. Een veel voorkomende vispassage is de zogenaamde vispasseerbare stortsteen-bekkenpassage, ook wel cascade vistrap genoemd. Cascade vistrappen kunnen een opstuwende werking...
report 2011