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Bruntink, M. (author), Van Deursen, A. (author), d’Hondt, M. (author), Tourwé, T. (author)
This paper describes a method for studying idioms-based implementations of crosscutting concerns, and our experiences with it in the context of a real-world, large-scale embedded software system. In particular, we analyse a seemingly simple concern, tracing, and show that it exhibits significant variability, despite the use of a prescribed idiom...
report 2007
Ceccato, M. (author), Marin, M. (author), Mens, K. (author), Moonen, L. (author), Tonella, P. (author), Tourwé, T. (author)
Understanding a software system at source-code level requires understanding the different concerns that it addresses, which in turn requires a way to identify these concerns in the source code. Whereas some concerns are explicitly represented by program entities (like classes, methods and variables) and thus are easy to identify, crosscutting...
report 2006