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Miller-Moran, Daniel (author), Trifunović, Nemanja (author), Kennedy, M.D. (author), Kapelan, Z. (author)
Water distribution networks (WDNs) require large capital investment and ongoing operational costs, resulting in their optimisation being a highly researched field. Despite the benefits tanks bring to networks, most optimisation models omit them as decision variables due to the complexity they can introduce to heuristic approaches. This paper...
journal article 2023
Reyes, Maria F. (author), Petricic, Aleksandar (author), Trifunovic, Nemanja (author), Sharma, Saroj (author), Kennedy, M.D. (author)
Lately, due to overutilization of scarce natural resources such as water, tourist islands have been severely threatened. This is also the case in Santa Cruz Island, the main inhabited island of the Galápagos Archipelago. Therefore, a Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) was carried out with the aim of mitigating the future water crisis....
journal article 2018
Reyes, Maria Fernanda (author), Trifunović, Nemanja (author), Sharma, Saroj Kumar (author), Behzadian, Kourosh (author), Kapelan, Zoran (author), Kennedy, M.D. (author)
Santa Cruz Island (Galápagos Archipelago), like many other tourist islands, is currently experiencing an exponential increase in tourism and local population growth, jeopardizing current and future water supply. An accurate assessment of the future water supply/demand balance is crucial to capital investment for water infrastructure. This...
journal article 2017