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Trikannad, S.A. (author), van Halem, D. (author), Foppen, J.W.A. (author), van der Hoek, J.P. (author)
Slow Sand Filtration is popular in drinking water treatment for the removal of a wide range of contaminants (e.g., particles, organic matter, and microorganisms). The Schmutzdecke in slow sand filters (SSFs) is known to be essential for pathogen removal, however, this layer is also responsible for increased head loss. Since the role of deeper...
journal article 2023
Bicudo, Bruno (author), van Halem, D. (author), Trikannad, S.A. (author), Ferrero, Giuliana (author), Medema, G.J. (author)
In this paper we analyse the feasibility of low voltage iron electrocoagulation as a means of municipal secondary effluent treatment with a focus on removal of microbial indicators, Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria (ARB) and nutrients. A laboratory scale batch unit equipped with iron electrodes was used on synthetic and real secondary effluent...
journal article 2021