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Trommelen, Joost (author)
Sea level variations and storm surges are expected to increase as a result of climate change. 570 cities and some 800 million people are by 2050 estimated to be exposed to these phenomena when emissions do not decrease (UCCRN, 2018). It is, however, deeply uncertain if and to what extent emissions will decrease. Additionally, the effects of...
master thesis 2022
Trommelen, Joost (author), Vermeulen, Stijn (author), Schouten, Geert (author), Kallan, Daniel (author)
The geographical features in the Southern part of Limburg forces precipitation from upstream located areas to flow through a bottleneck, which is exactly located at the city centre of Valkenburg. This makes increasing the safety level more complicated than in other areas. The safety level of Valkenburg has a lower standard in comparison to the...
student report 2022