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Trotta, Luca (author)
High-frequency combustion instabilities represent the main technical risk faced by design engineers when developing new chemical rocket propulsion systems. Such instabilities are driven by the coupling between the flames’ heat release rate and the combustion chamber’s acoustic field. As such, they can only be assessed during detailed design...
master thesis 2023
Gaffarel, Jérémie (author), Kadhum, Afrasiab (author), Fazaeli, Mohammad (author), Apostolidis, Dimitrios (author), Berger, Menno (author), Ciunaitis, Lukas (author), Helsdingen, Wieger (author), Landergren, Lasse (author), Lentner, Mateusz (author), Neeser, Jonathan (author), Trotta, Luca (author), Naeije, M.C. (author)
With Mars colonisation becoming a reality for the near future, it is of importance to analyse how crew and cargo can be transported between Earth and a colony on Mars. This article is a feasibility and design study of a launch vehicle whose mission is to shuttle crew and cargo from Low Mars Orbit to a colony on the Martian surface. A single...
journal article 2021