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Tsakalakidou, Ioanna (author)
In the transportation planning process, the Four Step Model (FSM) is used to define the needs and requirements of the transportation system within a city or a region. Despite its wide use, the model is focused on vehicular trips and fails to represent the demand of walking activity. The limited work that has been performed to address the...
master thesis 2019
Anastasiadou, Anastasia (author), Herrera Herrera, Meylin (author), Oldenburg, Davey (author), Tsakalakidou, Ioanna (author), van der Wal, Erik (author)
In previous studies on cyclist route choice, many influencing factors have been identified. Openness of the built environment, which can be described as the extent of open space above and around a specific point, has no yet been related to cyclist travel behaviour. Monotony of the built environment, described as the extent of visual variation of...
student report 2018