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Lu, Chang (author), He, X. (author), van Lint, J.W.C. (author), Tu, Huizhao (author), Happee, R. (author), Wang, M. (author)
Surrogate measures of safety (SMoS) play an important role in detecting traffic conflicts and in traffic safety assessment. However, the underlying assumptions of SMoS are different and a certain SMoS may be adequate/inadequate for different applications. A comprehensive approach to evaluate the validity and applicability of SMoS is lacking...
journal article 2021
Tu, Huizhao (author)
Travel time and travel time reliability are important attributes of a trip. The current measures of reliability have in common that in general they all relate to the variability of travel times. However, travel time reliability does not only rely on variability but also on the stability of travel times. This paper clarifies the attributes of...
doctoral thesis 2008