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Humphreys, P.C. (author), Kalb, N. (author), Morits, J.P.J. (author), Schouten, R.N. (author), Vermeulen, R.F.L. (author), Twitchen, Daniel J. (author), Markham, Matthew (author), Hanson, R. (author)
Large-scale quantum networks promise to enable secure communication, distributed quantum computing, enhanced sensing and fundamental tests of quantum mechanics through the distribution of entanglement across nodes <sup>1-7</sup>. Moving beyond current two-node networks <sup>8-13</sup> requires the rate of entanglement generation between nodes...
journal article 2018
Kalb, N. (author), Reiserer, A.A. (author), Humphreys, P.C. (author), Bakermans, J.J.W. (author), Kamerling, S. J. (author), Nickerson, N. H. (author), Benjamin, S. C. (author), Twitchen, Daniel J. (author), Markham, M (author), Hanson, R. (author)
The impact of future quantum networks hinges on high-quality quantum entanglement shared between network nodes. Unavoidable imperfections necessitate a means to improve remote entanglement by local quantum operations. We realize entanglement distillation on a quantum network primitive of distant electron-nuclear two-qubit nodes. The heralded...
journal article 2017
Reiserer, A.A. (author), Kalb, N. (author), Blok, M.S. (author), van Bemmelen, Koen J M (author), Taminiau, T.H. (author), Hanson, R. (author), Twitchen, Daniel J. (author), Markham, Matthew (author)
The realization of a network of quantum registers is an outstanding challenge in quantum science and technology. We experimentally investigate a network node that consists of a single nitrogen-vacancy center electronic spin hyperfine coupled to nearby nuclear spins. We demonstrate individual control and readout of five nuclear spin qubits...
journal article 2016