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Huwald, H. (author), Selker, J.S. (author), Tyler, S.W. (author), Calaf, M. (author), Van de Giesen, N.C. (author), Parlange, M.B. (author)
The movement of air in natural porous media is complex and challenging to measure. Yet gas transport has important implications, for instance, for the evolution of the seasonal snow cover and for water vapor transport in soil. A novel in situmulti-sensor measurement system providing high-resolution observation of gas transport in snow is...
journal article 2012
Hausner, M.B. (author), Suarez, F. (author), Glander, K.E. (author), Van de Giesen, N.C. (author), Selker, J.S. (author), Tyler, S.W. (author)
Hydrologic research is a very demanding application of fiber-optic distributed temperature sensing (DTS) in terms of precision, accuracy and calibration. The physics behind the most frequently used DTS instruments are considered as they apply to four calibration methods for single-ended DTS installations. The new methods presented are more...
journal article 2011
Steele-Dunne, S.C. (author), Rutten, M.M. (author), Krzeminska, D.M. (author), Hausner, M. (author), Tyler, S.W. (author), Selker, J. (author), Bogaard, T.A. (author), Van de Giesen, N.C. (author)
Through its role in the energy and water balances at the land surface, soil moisture is a key state variable in surface hydrology and land?atmosphere interactions. Point observations of soil moisture are easy to make using established methods such as time domain reflectometry and gravimetric sampling. However, monitoring large?scale variability...
journal article 2010