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Tzimoulis, A. (author)
This thesis is part of a line of research aimed at providing a strong and modular mathematical backbone to a wide and inherently diverse class of logics, introduced to capture different facets of social behaviour. The contributions of this thesis are rooted methodologically in duality, algebraic logic and structural proof theory, pertain to and...
doctoral thesis 2018
Bílková, Marta (author), Greco, G. (author), Palmigiano, A. (author), Tzimoulis, A. (author), Wijnberg, Nachoem (author)
We introduce the logic LRC, designed to describe and reason about agents’ abilities and capabilities in using resources. The proposed framework bridges two—up to now—mutually independent strands of literature: the one on logics of abilities and capabilities, developed within the theory of agency, and the one on logics of resources, motivated...
journal article 2018
Conradie, Willem (author), Frittella, Sabine (author), Palmigiano, A. (author), Piazzai, M. (author), Tzimoulis, A. (author), Wijnberg, Nachoem M. (author)
Categorization systems are widely studied in psychology, sociology, and organization theory as information-structuring devices which are critical to decision-making processes. In the present paper, we introduce a sound and complete epistemic logic of categories and agents' categorical perception. The Kripke-style semantics of this logic is...
journal article 2017