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van Berkel, S.L. (author), Malotaux, E.S. (author), Cavallo, D. (author), Spirito, M. (author), Neto, A. (author), Llombart Juan, N. (author)
The design and performance analysis are presented for a passive uncooled radiometer pixel suitable for integration in 28 nm CMOS technology. In the configuration a single wideband antenna, operating from 200 GHz to 600 GHz, is connected to a pn-junction diode. Including the antenna-detector impedance mismatch, the detector shows an average NEP...
conference paper 2017
van Berkel, S.L. (author), Yurduseven, O. (author), Freni, Angelo (author), Neto, A. (author), Llombart Juan, N. (author)

In millimeter and submillimeter-wave radiometric imaging systems, a persistent goal is the increase in the speed of acquisition of the image while maintaining a high sensitivity. Typically, the highest sensitivity is achieved by cryogenically cooling the detectors, specifically in astronomical applications. However, for the purpose of low...

journal article 2017