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Lignarolo, L. (author), Ragni, D. (author), Simao Ferreira, C.J. (author), Van Bussel, G.J.W. (author)
The actuator disc (AD) model is commonly used to simplify the simulation of horizontal-axis wind-turbine aerodynamics. The limitations of this approach in reproducing the wake losses in wind farm simulations have been proven by a previous research. The present study is aimed at providing an experimental analysis of the near-wake turbulent flow...
journal article 2016
Lignarolo, L. (author), Ragni, D. (author), Simao Ferreira, C.J. (author), van Bussel, G.J.W. (author)
The present paper is the summary of 3 years of research on the wake aerodynamics of horizontal axis wind turbine at Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands. In particular, the main results and the conclusions of two experimental campaigns are collected. The underlying research question is: how do the near-wake turbulent flow structures...
conference paper 2015